Crush YOLO® Pre-Workout

$ 39.99

Something Fresh.

Introducing the newest ass kicker in the entry-level pre-workout category. Crush Yolo® delivers clean and consistent energy, deep focus, and great pumps. Focusing on literally 'cutting the crap', Crush Yolo® doesn't come with the highly anticipated mid-workout stomach ache, bathroom break, or infamous tingling sensation. Insane taste, great drinkability, light on the stomach, and an addition to your high energy workout controlled by you, not side effects. Train hard, supplement Crush YOLO®, kick some serious ass, repeat.


Stack with Crush GO!® BCAA for 2 grams of total intra-workout Carnitine and 1.5 grams of total intra-workout Citrulline Malate. Why? Promote more fat loss, deliver more energy, create more bloodflow, experience bigger pumps, and help reduce muscle fatigue.*

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