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Crush Warrior

Blake Elsberry

Boone, iowa - Age 30

My journey with fitness is relatively new.  I would historically join a gym, go for a few months and then quit because I was not seeing the immediate results that everyone on TV was talking about.  I wanted the quick fix to my issues.  The tipping point came in 2015 after Easter.  I viewed a picture of myself holding my toddler twins and was horrified with what I saw. After seeing what my future would look like, I decided THAT DAY, June 1, 2015, to start living for my family.

I found Crush through Tumblr, where I was documenting my journey with weight loss. I saw how positive the community was, supporting each other’s journeys, and I felt like this was exactly what I needed to be successful.

I purchased Crush60 in July 2015.  I started out at 336 pounds and over 40% body fat.  I finished Crush60 In November 2015, down 56 pounds and down 6.5% body fat!!! CrushFit has got me on the right path to live a better life.

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Crush Warrior

I work out because I am trying to reverse decade’s worth of poor decisions, and I want to be able to be there for my children when they grow up. It makes my feel like my life is worth something.


Crush60 and Mass Effect.


Consistency. Once I dedicated myself to going to the gym regularly for a month, I set a new habit. For me to break into the next phase of my fitness journey, I need to focus on better nutrition habits.


My greatest motivation is my children. If it weren’t for them, I would have continued on my old path of a sedentary lifestyle.


I use BCAA’s every day, and pre-workout on days that I know I have a heavy load, such as deadlifting, benching or squatting combined with accessory lifts.


Find a support group and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s. Trust the process. And NEVER MISS MONDAY.


College (yes I enjoy learning), attending NASCAR races, baking, taking trips with my family on motorcycles, and drinking copious amounts of coffee!

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Crush Warrior
“Before I started Crush I had hit a plateau in my training regime. I was doing the same routine over and over again, which had taken a toll on both my progress and motivation. So, when I came across Crush60 on Tumblr, I thought: why not? Little did I know, my subsequent purchase of the eBook would not only revive my lacking results and slacking inspiration in the gym, but introduce me to a community of individuals who proved an overwhelming source of support and positivity for one another. As I began to work my way through the guide, once again I was desirous of pushing myself, of seeing what my body was capable of. The different workouts, the varied rep schemes, and the grueling, yet beneficial cardio sessions helped me to excel forward on my fitness journey; a feat made easier with the uplifting support of my fellow Crushers. Crush really gave me that push I needed.” - OLIVIA
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“I absolutely had no idea what I stumbled upon when I started Crush60. I thought, 'hey, I'm in pretty good shape, I'll try it." My transformation even shocked me! I wish I had this a year ago when I started my fitness journey, I bet I would have lost the weight and gained muscle much faster. My favorite thing (other than those crazy gains) is the community, no negativity, no rude comments or competition. It is all about being better today than you were yesterday. Thank you everyone at Crushfit for this wonderful program and thank you Crushers for killing it with me!” - Ashley
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“During these 44 days I was also training for a half marathon and found the crush program to be a huge help because I found that not only did I feel stronger when in the gym, but my overall fitness level improved as a result of the heat and performance days. To say booty boot camp kicked my ass is an understatement. The thing I love about Crush is that not only are does the program work, but I enjoy this more than any other program that I have tried before. And I'm excited to see how I go through the rest of the program.” - Jarrod
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“I’ve been in a nasty plateau for about a year now so I’m realy happy with my progress in just 2 weeks. I though I wasn’t making any thinness wise, but I just felt stronger and stronger so I didn’t care, now I see that I have made progress in both respects. Leaning out as a product of eating more not cutting calories whatttttt ☺, and if I keep going at this rate I might finally get to where I want to be!” - Lucy
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"I reached a point in my life where I needed a change. I was working out inconsistently with a halfhearted effort and more or less going to the gym just to be there. My workouts were dull and many times I caught myself as they say, “going through the motions”. I needed something to get me out of this rut and change the way I looked at living an active/healthy lifestyle FOR GOOD. That’s where Crush 60 came into the picture… and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was able to participate in the first Crush 60 challenge and be a part of the growing community along the way. Not only are the workouts challenging and dynamic (key to not getting bored!) they are structured in a way that can suit all fitness levels and progressively challenge you as your body/mind grow healthier. As I progressed through the Crush 60 program and MASS EFFECT I found myself subconsciously pushing myself into uncharted territory and breaking down many barriers I had previously set for myself. Being a part of the Crush program from day one and seeing what it has grown to today I am amazed at all the supportive members all across the globe. The motivation and inspiration to keep grinding from the Crush Fit team and community is endless. It is a community of all walks of life working towards one goal. The quality of the program, ease of use along with community support to keep you pushing yourself each and every day is a winning combination that keeps me coming back for more!" - Matt
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“I started doing Crush60 in January with a couple of the old Booty Bootcamp workouts thrown in occasionally, but once I got the updated version of BBC I instantly fell in love with the program. It has been exactly what I've wanted/needed for my fitness journey. I love being able to see and feel myself getting stronger everyday! Plus, the support I've gotten from the Crush fam is always just so wonderful and motivating. I really couldn't ask for anything better!” - Brenna
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“I started crush60 back in March of this year. It was at a time were I was thinking about giving up on fitness. I was still recovering from a brain injury, was taking a plethora of medications that were packing pounds on me, I was being forced into a medical retirement from the army, and could workout for me than 15 minutes without getting dizzy, or nauseous, or passing out. But crush60 was there and seemed like it was just calling out to me. My first time doing the program, I took it easy, more rest days, and kind of eased myself in. After that first time I was hooked. Did it properly after that, then moved on to mass effect and pushed my way through one of the most intense programs I've come across. And here I am in the final phase of crush60 again. This organization from everyone in the community all the way to Ben, has been a lifesaver to me. I don't think I would have made this much progress if it weren't for Crush.” - Topher
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“I train hard. Or at least I thought I did haha. A couple of days into Crush 60 I realized that this wasn't the case! I thought I was doing fine, but starting this program made me realize that I had fallen off the wagon a long time ago. It really pushed me. Crush 60 is a ton of fun, very diverse, and extremely effective. I haven't been able to get this lean on my own due to accountability issues. Fun programming mixed with the amazing Crush community helped immensely. I'd pay for the community alone. It doesn't stop here, now I have to see how much further I can take this transformation.” - Chris
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“I’m finally accepting that if I want to be stronger physically and mentally, I have to stop trying to shrink myself. I started to lift maybe a few months before I purchased Crush, but Crush gave me the structure that I love and motivates me when I workout. Although it’s a really good guide, it’s the community that helped me and really changed my relationship with working out. I always felt I needed to hide until my body was ‘ready’ to be seen . But with the community, I’m starting to understand what it’s like to feel comfortable in my own skin, since I see so many others doing just that.” - Caylen
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"I was in a plateau with my weight loss until I found Crush60. I joined their support community immediately and began to interact with fellow Crush60 members. They motivated and inspired me daily to follow the program as instructed by Ben. I went from 40% body fat to 33.5%. This equates to 35 pounds of fat lost. You get out of Crush60 exactly what you put in. Crush60 will challenge you both physically and mentally and you will leave Crush60 a stronger person!" - BLAKE
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