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Our growing customer base is extremely diverse, and the results are pouring in. The best thing about our massive online community, is that I can see our customers making changes AS THEY HAPPEN! What caught my eye while I was watching the changes?

The direct correlation between hard work, consistency, and drastic changes.

If you can stick to the program, work your tail off, and maybe grunt a few times, you will see the results you want! 


Crush Fitness Line

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I'm not here to sell you a gimmick, and I never have been. The word "guarantee" gets tossed around way too often is this fake industry...

How can a company guarantee results when they aren't even involved in the day to day?

I've built my training guides from years of actual experience, trials, errors, and great successes. They work for many reasons, but one of them is NOT simply because you bought the guide. Look, I didn't start my career in front of a camera, and I struggled a lot before I figured it all out. I'm passing everything that I've learned over the last 10 years directly to you, in a format that makes fitness fun, easy to follow, and addicting. But for me to pressure you into buying one of my programs by using big red words like BONUS ... GUARANTEE or TURBO CHARGED FAT OBLITERATION ... I'll pass, and let these guys do the talking.

Crush Fitness Line

 Regi Crush Fitness

 "While going through one of the most difficult times in my life, Ben went above and beyond to help me reach my goals. Our relationship quickly became much more than just trainer to client, and I am blessed enough to call him a true friend. When I reached out to Ben I was at an even 200 lbs and I told him I wanted to get down to 175. I wasn't exactly sure how well I'd do with all of it since it was 100% online. Within a couple weeks, I had surpassed my goal of 175 and I was in the midst of changing my entire lifestyle forever. Now, I weigh 163 and have lost over 40 lbs in total. Not only has my physical appearance greatly improved, but I believe that I am the best MAN that I have been in years. My overall confidence, work ethic and attitude has improved and it shows in more places than the weight room as I have seen my career take off in the last year or so. He holds you to the same standard that he holds himself to and once you get to know him, you'll realize that the only way you can let him down, is if you let yourself down. #DBWH" - Regi

Crush Fitness Line

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If you execute any of my guides correctly, you will get results. If you half-ass the guide, you will get half-assed results...and that is something I will always guarantee.

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Crush works because of the community we've created together. Aside from our industry leading training guides and massive online support community, I can look in the private Facebook group and see a 100lb runner motivating a 250lb bodybuilder to kick some ass the next day. If you can change your mind, you will change your body. Logic might tell you that you're much less likely to fail when you have thousands of people encouraging you to keep pushing when the going gets tough.

My Advice For Success?

Get involved! Use the hashtags, spread the positivity, and encourage others. Hands down, the Crushers that get the most out, also put the most back in. This is a momentum game - play it!

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Crush Fitness Line


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