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What is GO?

GO! is the perfect program for anyone who is constantly on the go or can’t fit a full hour-long workout session into their schedule. GO! is a 60-day program that only requires you and a resistance band (provided with guide if needed). The workouts are circuit style and can be done anywhere in 30min or less. This is a great program for beginners to start getting active and working out, it’s great to tack on to the end of weight lifting sessions as cardio, or to use when on the go or at home when you don’t have access to a gym.

Build Lean Muscle!

Increase Endurance!

Burn Body Fat!



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GO! is an interactive fitness guide. When you order, you’ll receive the following:

  • Free lifetime membership to our private, judment free Facebook community!
  • Video demonstrations for each exercise!
  • Fully interactive PDFs; take Crush with you wherever you go!
  • Tips for success!

Meet the #Crushfam

Crush is more than just a fitness guide - we're a family who support, encourage, and help each other to reach our goals. When you start any Crush program, you'll become a lifetime member of our exclusive, judgment-free Facebook group, where anybody can ask questions, post progress pics, and seek encouragement! We monitor the group ourselves, and respond to posts every day.

Check out what some of the Crushfam have accomplished on Crush:

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