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What is Booty Bootcamp?

Booty Bootcamp is a program for anyone who wants all of the comprehensive and overall benefits from Crush60, but wants a stronger emphasis on their lower body. This is another program designed to be done at the gym. It’s very similar to Crush60 - It includes 3 phases designed to build muscle and strength and decrease overall body fat. The primary difference between Booty Bootcamp and Crush60 is that it has a lot more emphasis on your lower body - building the legs and booty! Again, this will help you build muscle and strength and decrease overall body fat.

Build The Booty!

Develop The Hamstrings!

Lower Body Fat!



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Booty Bootcamp is an interactive fitness guide. When you order, you’ll receive the following:

  • Free lifetime membership to our private, judment free Facebook community!
  • Video demonstrations for each exercise!
  • Fully interactive PDFs; take Crush with you wherever you go!
  • Tips for success!

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Crush is more than just a fitness guide - we're a family who support, encourage, and help each other to reach our goals. When you start any Crush program, you'll become a lifetime member of our exclusive, judgment-free Facebook group, where anybody can ask questions, post progress pics, and seek encouragement! We monitor the group ourselves, and respond to posts every day.

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