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I don't know about you guys, but when the weekend starts approaching, I don't get excited for Friday or Saturday. I get excited for Sunday! Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week. I rarely even change out of my pajamas all day! There's just something about a Sunday morning that's so calm and serene. 

Not only are Sundays great for physically relaxing, but more importantly; mentally relaxing. I'm sure if you juggle a job, school, the gym, nutrition, family/friends, and a relationship, your Monday-Friday can become pretty hectic. You probably know the feeling of being stressed and anxiously awaiting the weekend.

We all spend so much time getting physically fit, we should spend just as much time getting mentally fit, too! And Sunday is the PERFECT opportunity to take advantage of that rest, relaxation, and your mental health.

Think of Sunday as a brain "re-set". Get organized, and see what it is you have to do for the upcoming week. I usually start with organizing my house. I do my laundry, dishes, and clean up any messes left over from the week. Giving myself a clean space to relax in always makes me feel rejuvenated.

Now, lets talk goals! Taking small steps to get yourself moving in the right direction is wonderful for your mental health as well. Whether that be making a short term or long term goal, clearly setting and visualizing your goals will allow you to focus on those goals with a specific plan in mind. Your goals could be anything from getting an extra hour of sleep at night, to hitting a PR (personal record) in the gym.

Going into the week ahead completely fresh and ready to tackle anything that comes your way is an awesome feeling. Relaxing and planning for the week ahead will set you up for success; mentally and physically.  Make sure you always take time for yourself and do things to relax you and make you happy. Your "me time" is so important to your overall health too! We all go so hard in the gym or at work, that sometimes we forget to go hard with our recovery; and Sunday is the perfect day to do that! 

If you want to see what my Sunday looks like in real time, check out my vlog here:
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