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We've all been there.

The sun is creeping in through your window, you open your eyes, and you remember that you are supposed to work out today. Just the thought of rolling out of bed is exhausting. You think to yourself, "why am I even doing this?". Or maybe you've been feeling like you haven't seen much progress lately. This is your fifth rest day in a row and you're contemplating making it a whole week. "I have no motivation to work out today" you say out loud, pulling the covers over your head.

Yes, taking rest days is extremely important to your overall health, but what if you're done taking rest days and you still can't find the motivation to get moving?

  1. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! Your mind is so incredibly powerful, and if you're starting to doubt yourself or are feeling down.. imagine yourself crushing your goals. See yourself after that workout and think about how accomplished you will feel. Whenever I'm about to approach a heavy lift, I imagine myself doing it. Once I can visualize it, it seems much easier to do!
  2. SET GOALS. What are you doing this for? Writing down your goals and noticing when you're getting closer to reaching them is so exciting! No one has to know why you do what you do. Do it for YOU; whatever those reasons are.
  3. SWITCH IT UP. Maybe you need a new atmosphere!  Check out a new gym, take your workout outside, try a new class.. do something you've never done before. Sometimes I will search for new recipes (pre or post workout) to try when I get back from the gym.
  4. LOOK AT HOW FAR YOU'VE COME! Whether you're just starting, or have been working towards your goals for a while, you're doing it. You're making progress every single day. Every workout, every meal you're fueling your body with - it's all changing you inside and out. Mentally AND physically you are growing stronger. It's hard to see physical changes every day because you see yourself every day, and let's be honest - you're your own worst critic!

  5. RELAX, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, and GO. Your body is doing so much for you every day, remember that. Working out, at whatever level you are at is benefiting you in so many amazing ways. Think of how awesome it is that you GET to work out and make yourself better every day. Keep crushing it - you got this.

Tags: amanda

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Thanks for the inspiration today. I felt that way this morning when the alarm rang at 6. You motivated me to just do it. Workout complete, juicing, and heading to work. Thanks Amanda

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