9Round Fitness Commercial

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot a commercial with Fox Sports Wisconsin for 9Round Fitness. It was a great opportunity that came from a close friend of mine, and I cant wait for you to see it. I'll talk a little bit about the commercial, the workouts, and the value of friendship.

Let's start with the commercial itself. It will air on Fox Sports Wisconsin (FSN) for an entire YEAR. How awesome is that? We filmed for a few hours with a group of guys and girls to show the diversity of clients that come into a 9Round fitness center. The workouts were no joke.

As a fitness model, I train to maintain a tight diaphragm, relieve the air from my lungs, hold a tight, symmetrical core, and do it with a smile. Now, add some weights to the mix. Lifting weights shirtless for pictures is very challenging. Between the constant starting, stopping, pausing, and squeezing, the 50th rep tends to get a little difficult. To put things into perspective for you, I shot for almost 14 hours straight (lifting weights in a studio) with Muscle and Performance. I did this on a depleted diet and with minimal water in my system. This video shoot for 9Round fitness was equally as challenging, but I had an absolute blast. Cardio circuits, weight training, and muscular endurance-hell, all brought me to my knees (literally). I mean they actually have video footage of me rolling around on the ground in pain.

Lets take a second to talk about my buddy Ryan Thomson. Ryan is a personal trainer, the owner of two local 9Round fitness centers, and somebody that I look up to on many levels. We all have a few friends that are willing to drop what they are doing at any given time to help. Whether it was money, somebody to talk to, somebody to keep me on my feet, check my ego, train me, and push me to the point of passing out, waking up, and puking (in that order). Ryan has always been a real friend to me. I can't count the number of friends with all my fingers and toes that simply stopped supporting me after my first cover. It's 2014 and we live in a generation of jealousy, selfishness, and insecurity. Ryan gets genuinely happy when things go my way, and goes out of his way to throw some fuel on my fire. There is something to be said about somebody who will always go to battle for you. Good, bad, or otherwise, that's what what family is all about. 

He actually called me one hour before this shoot and told me to come out. He didn't have to call me. He did because he knew it would help the appearance of my portfolio tremendously. Guys like Ryan don't come around often, and it's been a pleasure watching my friend climb the ladder to success. I know that he's only getting started, and can't wait to see what comes next. Life is certainly about the little things in my book, and sometimes we lose sight of that when we dream so big - Ryan, if you're reading, thank you. To the top my friend. #DBWH

Ryan, Tyler, and Ben in LA


If you're local, please support Ryan at 9Round Fitness Whitefish Bay and 9Round Fitness Grafton.

Yolo Magazine COVER

Recently, I had the privilege of appearing on the cover and in the centerfold of Yolo Magazine! This was a huge milestone for me, because it was my first centerfold. Shot by Scott Detweiler here in Wisconsin, the theme of this shoot was a more fashion-heavy approach to fitness. This double cover featured myself alongside RedFoo from the famous "LMFAO"


For this shoot, preparation was a little different for me, and I loved the challenge. Because this magazine has a direct mainstream audience, the look is much much softer than I'm used to. It's always a battle softening up your physique that you work so hard to maintain. I'm happy with the look, and look forward to breaking into more mainstream fitness and fashion opportunities in the future. 




I want to thank everybody at YOLO magazine, my family, and close friends for their support while I chase my dreams. When I sat down three years ago and decided that I wanted to do this, I was laughed at. With your support, guidance, and encouragement, I'm living out the dream that few thought was even possible. If you know me, you know that this is only one of many to come, and I pledge to keep working extremely hard.

Black Friday SALE

Did you guys know that CRUSH has been sold in over 12 countries and is reviewed internationally with a 100% 5/5-Star satisfaction rating? I put my heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into the creation of this program, and it shows. It's truly an amazing feeling knowing that something I created, is changing lives around the globe. 

I'm happy to let my fans, friends, and family know that I slashed prices on the famous CRUSH training series by 30%. With this discounted price, you will also get free access to our private CRUSH Facebook group, 25% off all Cellucor products, and FREE access to the CRUSH VIP club launching January 1st. Sale is one day only, THIS Friday at Midnight.


Like always, thanks for taking the time to read my update. I can't thank you all enough for your crazy amounts of support this year. I hope you all enjoy some time with family and friends, and avoid any black friday retail related injuries. Yeah, you know who you are, you crazy black friday hooligans! Enjoy the weekend.


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