10,000 Customers



From the bottom of my heart, I want to simply say thank you. Crush customer or not, I want to thank you for supporting me on my mission to actually make the world a healthier place. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

“Your dreams are closer than you think, reach out and grab them.”

My journey to this moment has been anything but traditional, and I’m thankful for you not only supporting my company, but accepting me as a person, and leader. I will always be honest with you, and I’m beyond grateful to have earned so much of your trust. 

Although 10,000 is just a number, I want to extend a special thanks to those of you that helped make Crush what it is today. I hope you will enjoy your free sample supplement kits, and exclusive discounts. I can’t wait to ship these out, as soon as they become available. We will be keeping the order window open all weekend for those free sample kits :)

Moving forward, things are going to get bigger. Supplements, apparel, new logos, new programs, new websites, and brand new online content will all be here soon. We will move into our new offices and warehouse shortly, and I just scheduled the grand opening party for the Milwaukee Fitness Center. More staff will be hired, and we already started planning the nation-wide fitness tour with team Crush.

This means we are growing, this does not mean we are making excuses to change how we treat you. You will still receive excellent customer service. You will still be treated like real life human beings. You, your health, and your results, will always come first. I will continue to interact as much as possible, and make sure you panda-lovers are doing your cardio, and you hard workers are getting the recognition that you deserve.

We are 10,000 customers deep in 63 countries around the world. We are getting fit, and having fun doing it. We are helping each-other through bad days, and motivating each-other to build better ones. We are going for broke, taking risks, and following our wildest dreams. 

We are far more than fitness.


Ben's Delts Have a Name?




Since you guys decided to name my delts, I decided to give you a simple and effective shoulder workout! 
Good luck and let me know how you do!
Seated Barbell OHP 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 2:30+
DB Side Raise 20 - 20 - 20 - 20  45s
Seated DB OHP 8 - 8 - 8 - 8 2:30+
DB Side Raise 20 - 20 - 20 - 20 45s
Cable Upright Row 15 - 15 - 15 - 15 30s
DB Side Raise 20 - 20 - 20 - 20 45s




When I started Crush, the goal was simple: Bring to market something that doesn't exist anywhere in the world. Creating something from the ground up, that cannot be found today, seems like an incredibly daunting task, in ANY market. I knew there was a way to do it, but I didn't have anywhere near the resources, or the funds to make it happen. Hell, I didn't even have the funds to pay for a proper website build. I actually had to figure it out, and I built the website myself. Regardless of your startup businesses financial situation, here is some advice:

Do what you can today, with what you have right now.

I know what it's like to feel like you were destined for more. I understand the frustrations associated with a startup business, and the feeling of knowing (in your heart) where you truly belong. You do it better, for cheaper, and provide better service...but nobody cares.

Do what you can today, with what you have right now.

It's almost like you're a kid again. You're grounded, and your friends are having the time of their lives in the backyard. Or maybe you're injured, watching your team lose the championship game. The anxiety is overwhelming, but you must swallow your pride, and understand that if you do belong at the top, you will get there. You can't (and wont) move forward if you're not DOING anything. Do what you can today, with what you have right now.

You must not lose sight of your initial vision. Why? Whether it's on your mind or not, it's what drives you, pushes you past your limits, and gets you out of bed in the morning. Write it down, paint it on the wall, or do what I did, and make it your phone background. Any true startup that found success, didn't birth into a fancy office building with marble floors, and didn't run with the big dogs just because they wanted to.

You belong with the big dogs? Prove it! You have to be willing to get really dirty, wipe the title off your stupid business card, go door to door, clean the toilets, and do whatever the hell it takes to advance. How do you introduce yourself? You run a one man band. You aren't a CEO.

You are better than nobody. You are entitled to nothing. The only thing you're GIVEN in this world, is one big beautiful thing called opportunity. What are you going to do with it?

9/1/2014 - when I was still running my marketing company full time.

  • Global Recognition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Videos and photo embedded Ebooks
  • Fitness Centers
  • Mainstream Competition
  • Major Retail
  • Stay true to morals
  • Actually help people


Today, I have Crush customers in 63 countries. We are a couple short months away from launching our major sports nutrition line, I own a fitness center in Milwaukee, have another on the way, have stayed true to my morals, and have created a world-wide movement.

We've signed Aubrey Nolan, launched, and will sign 2-3 more key spokesmodels within the next few months. We are traveling the world, meeting customers, fans, and running workshops to promote fitness, mental health, and wellness. 

I have 10+ new employees, and two moving across the country to work for Crush. We've helped hundreds of thousands of people, inspired millions, and are weeks away from re-launching the entire brand. The new programs will include video and photo demonstrations that will require no internet access! Two brand new training programs are on the way, along with cookbooks and support materials. We are raising some major mainstream eyebrows, and we haven't even scratched the surface of my dreams.

I knew there is more to my story. In fact, I'm certain that I'm nowhere near where I was destined to be. Earlier in my blog, I told you that passion is my purpose. I live for the unknown that you describe as opportunity. When the purpose of your entire life is to always go for broke, you lead an interesting life. Im fortunate to be surrounded by people who support that crazy purpose.

When this is all said and done, Crush will be known as the kids who wanted to change how things were done, so they went out and did it. They lived in the now, they did what they could with what they had, and never took anything for granted. They were never too good for anybody, and most importantly, they stayed true to the vision that was scribbled on a notepad by a kid who just wanted to be more.

As an entrepreneur, your biggest competitor is always going to be yourself. Tomorrow isn't promised, and your business is going to be more needy than a newborn puppy. Dream big, but more importantly: YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD.


You need to own your vision. When it's 3AM and you're at the gym (for the third day in a row) filming for a new important client, the only thing you're going to have left is that vision. It's going to drive you when you can't drive yourself, and subconsciously control your major business decisions. People can see right through you. Do you believe in what you're doing? If not, throw it out and start over. You're never going to succeed.

My recipe for success really only takes a few simple words:

"Every single day is nothing more than an opportunity. Act accordingly."

Passion vs Purpose


 Back on January 10th, 2013, I told twitter the following:


I was so proud of myself. I had found my purpose! I was running a fitness apparel company, training for a bodybuilding competition, and personally training clients online. For years, I had struggled to find out why I was put on this rotating sphere of death. I felt alive. I felt fresh. Nothing could stop me!

2013 did end up being a 'big' year. My apparel business failed, I landed some major fitness modeling work, my first international cover, and picked up an alright job selling printing at a small company here in Wisconsin. I had a corporate account in mind that I wanted to pursue. The owners laughed at me and told me not to waste my time. I shortly after got fired from that job after landing said biggest corporate account possible. That was the first time in my entire life that I was fired from something! Ouch.

When 2014 started, I was starting to question my original purpose statement. Fitness was going alright, but I wasn't humming anymore. I didn't get out of bed with a smile, and I sure as hell didn't love what I did every day. What changed? I'll leave that open to interpretation. I knew that I needed to make a major change in my life, so the day after I was fired from my previous job, I started RedCap, my very own full spectrum marketing and print production company.  Again, I was told that the market was too saturated, that I needed more money, and that nobody would work with me.

Ben Williamson RedCap Marketing Fitness Model

Struggle. I started RedCap with nothing. Creditors didn't want to lend me money to run jobs, vendors didn't want to give me terms, and customers didn't necessarily trust a 23 year old kid. With a small sales team, we made it work, but every single day was exactly that: a struggle. By the end of the year, we merged to provide business brokerage solutions, and flash brands was born. Adding to the arsenal, suddenly we become a true, full-spectrum business development solution. 


Flash took things to the next level. We could take any existing company, rebrand it, make it profitable, make it marketable, and provide a real exit or development strategy. Taking knowledge from our other long-term entity: Spinball Display, a product development, consulting, and distribution branch was born.



During this time period, I was picked up by major lifestyle and fitness modeling agency: SLU, continued onward with fitness, and did some more spokes modeling work. Looking back on the year, I wasn't satisfied. I actually made zero dollars in 2014, and turned a tiny profit with RedCap in just the first year. I was proud, but still wasn't sleeping at night. Regardless of the neighborhood hippy telling you that money isn't everything: Money is the only form of currency that true freedom accepts. 

With things going well at RedCap, it was time to elevate. Crush had been in the making for a long time, I just never really knew it. I put my personal training journal to the pavement and created an ebook training series. Now, if you know me, you know that I don't just do things. I made a brand with the big long term dream, that crush would need to hold the appearance of a upscale suburban gym. I didn't know how, but I knew that I wanted to, and eventually would own a gym someday.

Crush did alright. In fact, you can find people in 41 countries and counting 'crushing' it, and its only been live for 5 months. Crush is more than a training series, it's a movement. The support group, the website, the family element. It's all there. It works because the person behind crush found his passion again, and put it on a collision course with his purpose.

I can proudly say that the first Crush Fitness Center is on its way. With plans to franchise the brand, I have an aggressive goal for 20 locations in the first five years, which will include five flagship corporate locations. I have also teamed up with my buddy Ryan, to start a sports nutrition supplement company. We can't wait to share more with you on this.

With an extremely full plate, and more stress, uncertainty, and pressure than ever before, something hit me. It was a simple email from the mother of a rather successful family. She just told me that she was proud of me. She told me that I reminded her of her son, and that I was always dreaming bigger instead of celebrating, when things went my way. In 2013, when I told twitter that I had found my purpose, I was wrong. Fitness is simply a passion, and one that I will never lose. I spent so much time chasing some inflated fitness dream, instead of taking a quick look around, and realizing that I was living out my biggest purpose every. single. day.

Purpose comes from within your blood. Good, bad, or otherwise, I don't think you can outrun it. Since I was a little kid, I was always making people laugh by telling them what I was going to achieve. Whether it was a professional athlete, some big Calvin Klein underwear model (DO NOT count me out on this one yet), or business mogul billionaire, everybody always seemed to laugh at me. The world is full of limit minded people, and you should always pay close attention to those who don't clap when you win.

My purpose on planet earth, is to be limitless. Accept the biggest challenge, Crush it, and aim higher. To reach high, get a grip, and go for broke. Whether its fitness, business, or some crazy venture, my purpose is the seemingly impossible process. When your purpose is merely a state of mind, nobody can take it away from you.

Not even the ones who laugh. 

Get Back Up

"Life is really hard for me right now, but as soon as things get cleared up, I'm going to get back at it!"

If I only had a dollar for every time I've heard that gut-wrenching phrase. As somebody who has been knocked down a few times, I want to make an attempt to help you: get back up. For some stupid reason, the current norm has brainwashed us to think that if we cry loud enough, somebody will come running. Perhaps that if we build up enough excuses, not attempting the task at hand will be justified. Who are you seeking this justification from? It sure as hell isn't yourself. Why does giving yourself excuses make you feel better about not doing something? Where in the honest shit did personal accountability run off to?

After about 5 years of getting beat into the ground, repeatedly attempting to crawl back up the slippery slope, crying, pouting, kicking and screaming, I'm here to tell you that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't magically discovered, It's created. This DOES NOT mean that depressed people control their own happiness. It DOES NOT mean that if you have an eating disorder - you simply have to 'get over it', and it certainly DOES NOT mean that bad things don't happen to really good people. It does, however, mean that you will never get back up if you don't want to. Does it really all boil down to attitude? Maybe.


Attitude has definitely taken a cliche turn for the worst. Having a bad attitude has suddenly become sexy, common, and attractive. Why seek attention for accomplishments, when you can get loads of it for having a bad life? Somewhere between Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance, we lost it (both great bands by the way). Certain aspects of your mental approach to your current situation can really help you get out of a slump. Here's what has worked for me:


This is where my approach might differ from some 'hardcore' life coaches. Unfortunately the world is actually a real place, and not everyone can walk around shitting glitter all over the walls. Yes, you need to accept the fact that some terrible, nasty, no good, stuff has happened to you. I challenge you to face what happened head on. Think about it. Let it eat you up for a while. Assess and analyze the situation. Cry, pout, and maybe dig into that tub of ice cream. Let your emotions do what they want. I'm a firm believer that you should never conceal anything - especially from yourself. If you did something that caused this, accept it. Take accountability for your damn actions.


When I'm finding more excuses than reasons, I tend to think of anybody who might have it a little worse than I do. Although somewhat elementary, this alone helped me push through many tough times. We all know somebody close, that has gone through something rough. I looked to my brother with cancer, parents with a divorce, and friends with lost parents. Although there's no denying that your world is crumbling down, and your problems will never relate: try and put your situation into some kind of perspective. 


What are you thankful for? This isn't some, "There is so much to live for, Billy!" one liner crapshoot. I hate when people tell me to think about the good in the situation... What good? My awesome dog died and I got fired from my job in the same day you asshole. What I try to accomplish with this, is to let the dust settle. After I've accepted what's happened, and who might have it worse, I like to think of a couple things I enjoy, possess, or hold close. It doesn't have to be much. Sometimes it can even be materialistic. Hell, I love things, and things make me happy. Judge me. A subtle reminder that although life sucks, at least it sucks with SOMETHING you enjoy, love, like, or even don't hate (for all you difficult people).


Well, its been four days Nancy, you need to see some sunlight. Make it a point to get outside every day. Even if you want to cry all day - try and get outside for a short walk between tears. I'm not going to site some source because lets be honest, I'm far too lazy and it might not be 100% proven, HOWEVER - To quote a particularly successful law student: Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't! You need to keep moving.


Last but not least, if you have a heartbeat, you have purpose. Finding your purpose won't happen with your head up your ass. At some point you are going to have to get back up. Maybe your all-time low will help you discover something you never knew about yourself. It did for me! You need to find the original reasons for doing the things you're now neglecting. What was your original purpose for going to that art class every weekend? What are your excuses for not going now? Nine times out of ten, you're going to find that the original reason overpowers any excuse. Dont lose sight of those reasons!

Due to life changing so quickly, I'm certain that there will be very few moments in life that will be comfortable, stress free, and ideal. The time is now! Let's do better in 2015 to put our strongest foot forward. There will be things that take you down, put you out, and distract you. Dig deep and hold on to those reasons to keep pushing forward. Life is literally a countdown to death. With limited time on this big ass floating circle (excuse me, sphere) of death, we need to do our best to make the most of the opportunities presented, relationships built, and events yet to come. Get knocked down, get back up, learn a little, maybe do an air hump or two, and get back on the horse. 

Make A Move

Wow. What a crazy year. I started 2014 by appearing on the cover of the 2014 Annual 'Muscle and Performance' Massive Supplement Guide Edition beside Jen Jewell: one of the biggest names in fitness. A few days after, I was fired from my job selling commercial printing, after landing one of the biggest corporate accounts possible. The next day, I started RedCap Marketing and struggled for the remainder of the year. 2014 was a very stressful year that didn't yield a single paycheck for me. Would I have it any other way? Absolutely not.  Looking back to late 2012 when I made the decision to leave school, my job, and all other forms of security, I knew what I was getting myself into. It's been a long couple of years.  I failed, failed again, started to succeed, gave up, took a job, failed, and eventually learned so much that it seemingly became impossible to do anything other than succeed.

I learned that there is nothing you can't do with the right mentality.

I learned that greatness is always right around the corner.

I learned that being a good person will always come first.

I learned that it's really hard to beat a kid who refuses to quit.



Taking some time to pick my head up and reflect back on the last year or so, I realized just how fortunate I am. I landed two international magazine covers, my first international centerfold, and became an internationally published fitness author. I was published all over the website, was used in print ads, appeared at fitness expos, on, and even got to travel internationally to meet fans in the UK. I created the CRUSH training series, watched it sell in over 25 countries, and even signed with one of the biggest agencies in fitness and lifestyle modeling. I shot images for product packaging and ad campaigns to appear in thousands of stores all over the country. I met friends that turned into family, and even met the girl of my dreams. She's actually sleeping on my arm as I type this. 

The point of this post isn't to sit here and brag about things that have gone well for me. If I wanted to do that, I'd spend a lot more time talking about the regulation hottie girlfriend I managed to (somehow) get to like me. The point of this post is in reference to a word we seem to be so afraid of: greatness.  Nike did a very good job explaining greatness in an ad campaign a few years back:

"Greatness. It’s just something we made up.

Somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is a gift, reserved for a chosen few. For prodigies. For superstars. And the rest of us can only stand by, watching. 

You can forget that.

Greatness is not some rare DNA strand. It’s not some precious thing. Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We’re all capable of it.

All of us."
Cellucor Ben Williamson
Ben Williamson Muscle and Performance Fitness ModelBen Williamson WBFF Fitness Model Crush Fitness
Ben Williamson Yolo Magazine Fitness Model Crush FitnessBen WilliamsonBen Williamson Fitness Cover Model Crush Fitness

Make A Move.

Finding greatness, ironically has nothing to do with being considered great. 'Make a move' simply means to get up and do something that will lead to a better you. We all have excuses, busy schedules, discomforts, and injuries holding us back. In 2015, I challenge you to be great. I challenge you to DO SOMETHING. Whether it's getting back in the gym, going for an evening walk, making a point to sleep more at night, or taking that yoga class you've always wanted to try: your greatness comes from the steps that are the hardest to take.  The steps that are done when nobody is watching. I challenge you to take those first steps head-on.

My life changed forever when I made one bold move. One that certainly wasn't in any kind of 'spotlight'. That's all it took for me to realize that my life simply needed to be different. I found my passion, my purpose, and discovered a new meaning of life that I didn't think existed. So do it… Get off the couch. Take those grueling first steps. Find the greatness that already exists within yourself. Trust me, once you find it, you'll never ever lose it.


Make A Move.