Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything

"Attitude is Everything" was probably the most annoying thing I heard growing up. My dad was an entrepreneur who carried the "no excuses" thing to somewhat of an extreme. I guess he had his reasons. However he did have this stupid "attitude is everything" keychain that I wanted to throw at him 99% of my childhood.

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Chest & Arms Phase4 Preview

Are you getting excited for phase4 and the new Crush Fit app? Here's a workout from the shredding series of phase4. Enjoy it and let me know what you think! GOOD LUCK :)




Incline Smith Press 5-5-5-5-5 2:00 Rest

Ez Bar Curls (Wide Grip)

15-10-5-5-5 1:30 Rest
Low Cable Fly 20-10-20
Superset 1:00 Rest
Cable Curl (Straight Bar) 10-20-10
Seated DBCurl (Together) 15-15-15
Superset 1:00 Rest
Run 45s - 45s - 45s


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Supplement Space Race

Supplement Space Race


The Supplement Space Race. Why we aren't playing.


WHY ON EARTH do supplements actually decrease overall performance? Think about it. What is performance at the core? Why do supplement brands attack young teens with intimidation strategy, hot claims, and over the top gimmick efforts? Insecurity. Our own (quite simple) SEO research shows that the top search terms on google in our workout guide space were young boys looking for ways to add mass, 'get more muscles' , and have 'big biceps'. That same research showed that young women are looking for quick fixes to get lean, have abs, and grow their butts. The supplement industry attacks these insecurities, and quite irresponsibly intimidates our next generation of fitness enthusiasts into thinking their shitty products will help them quickly become the person they're searching to be. 

"PERFORMANCE" Defined by the Supplement Industry.


The list goes on. Don't make me do all the talking here. I know everybody reading this shit has come across a supplement advertisement that makes them laugh. INCREASE TESTOSTERONE FIVE. HUNDRED. THOUSAND. TRILLION TIMES!!!!! YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LIFT YOUR MOMS CAR!!

The problem with the supplement industry is that they have a stronghold on the overall definition of performance. They prey on the kids strolling into the local supplement shop to see what's out there. The kid ends up leaving with rockets and explosions in pill form and a $120 tub full of sugar and MASS GAINING EXPLOSIONS... We forget what supplements were actually created to do: Supplement hard work and performance. Without severe intimidation and gimmick strategies, supplement brands will not flourish, because nobody wants to be told they have to work hard or even workout for that matter. Instead, they will browse products wishing for the fix. 


"Supplements no longer supplement performance. Supplements must now claim to do the actual performing in order to succeed in the space race marketplace."


Rightfully so, how can you survive as a supplement company today when you have internet warriors with pocket PHD's explaining to you (the supplement company) why prop blends are the devil, why everything must be '#clinically dosed buzzword', and why you're not using specific desireable ingredients they found on some online study written by a guy with a heart that will explode in 5 years from steroid abuse. When I think about performance, I don't necessarily picture a bodybuilder who can't walk up a flight of stairs without a break or twelve. Stop letting the supplement industry pressure you into thinking you're so ridiculously wrong the way you are. Supplement your training and hard work, don't rely on supplements for your training and results. 



The mission of Crush Fit is to make the world a healthier place, and getting into the supplement space is another opportunity to leave our positive and bright mark on something rather dark and overly intimidating. This is alllllll going to come crashing down. How can it not? At some point we can only pack so much bullshit into these products before more people actually start dying. Our products were simply formulated to taste great, enhance your workout performance, and act as your sidekick on your fitness journey. 

Please fill out the form and try the samples. They will do all of the talking. It's time to take a look at the fitness industry, the health industry, and make a real connection that helps customers actually relate the two.

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Hope on a tight rope

hope by Ben Williamson, owner of Crush FitLook at this guy! Star of the basketball team, captain of the soccer team, leader of the group project and the kid who always took everything to an extreme. I was already half way down when the other kids were still daring each-other to jump. The entire season's on the line with seconds left on the clock? Thats great coach...give me the damn ball and fire up the mini-van because I like pizza right after a big win.


I was something like 21 years old and I was literally clueless. My parents said stay in college, my friends said drink with us, and my heart said absolutely nothing. I grew up with all kinds of steam blown straight up my ass. Everybody told me I was going places. I believed it. What the hell happened? It was a pretty surreal feeling being 21 and clueless, worthless, and quite frankly scared shitless.

I'll never forget the day. 45 minutes into some mid-level accounting class and my professor was giving a lecture about inventory. That was it. I couldn't handle it anymore. I stood up from the front row, put my laptop in my bag, took a quick look around, walked out, and never came back. Looking back, the worst (and most pathetic) part is that my BIGGEST concern about leaving school was what other people would think. Sure I heard about it through the grapevine. Big potential Ben was a failure. I absolutely was, but please hold.

Making decisions in un-charted or pressuring territory has been without a doubt the most challenging thing for me throughout my career and life. Little did I know that the hardest decision I made, was by far the most important. The importance wasn't necessarily the choice to leave school. The importance was taking that first major step for myself, which eventually led to many more confident decisions straight into darkness. The kid from paragraph one was going to make a comeback, but It would not come easy. What I've learned from making way too many major life decisions is that consequence can be a really rough and painful word, but you cannot be afraid to fail. 


My brother was a cancer survivor about to graduate from one the best culinary schools in the world. My dad got his degree at night school while working two jobs and starting a business. My mom was educated, and held an amazing career not only raising us kids, but later after my parent's divorce, going back to work a very respectable job at a large corporation. Naturally I had started several businesses during college, and they all failed.

During this time, I learned everything that I was supposed to learn in that accounting class that I walked out of. I learned how important it is to plan for the worst financially, manage quickly rotating inventory, and support rapid growth with limited (no) resources blah blah blah.

I learned that when it's you vs you, time is much less relevant than management of your ability to get shit done. I learned that trust is earned, and that the world doesn't slow down when you struggle. I learned that favors aren't free, and that your time is worth much more than money. I learned what it's like to be told NO after weeks of preparing without sleep, and what it's like to (literally) never hear the word YES. I learned that nothing ever goes as planned, and that everybody on the outside will always know what's best for you and your business. I learned what it's like to give your entire life to something, and watch it fail time after time again.

I learned what 3AM alone in a warehouse feels like. I learned what 3AM at an office I couldn't afford feels like, what 3AM alone in my car feels like, and what 3AM... you get the idea. I learned what it's like to suck up a lot of pride, wear a big fake smile, and forget about your 503 credit score. I learned what real self-doubt feels like. I learned what kinds of words your landlord uses when you're 3 months behind, and how to deal with angry vendors 120 days later. I learned what asking your dad for gas money at age 22 feels like. I learned what it's like to have lunch with your big brother, tell him all about your 'growing' business, and watch your card get declined when you offer to split the $21 tab. I learned that you're never too good to shovel some snow. I learned that depression kicks in quickly when none of the pieces are fitting together, and everything seems to be falling apart. I learned A LOT. This isn't half of it. However, the most important thing is... I learned.


I learned how to deal with my problems head on. I learned that resourcefulness was far more important than knowing it all. I learned that I was more capable than even my big dreams had led me to believe. I learned who my true friends were. I learned that I was still one ruthless kid when I put my mind to something, and that other people were starting to learn it too. I learned that every situation (good or bad) is temporary, and that being an underdog isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I learned about my passions, what truly mattered in my life, and what I was willing to do when there was nothing left in the tank. I learned that I'm really brave, and that once I believed in myself, anything was possible. I learned how to handle failure and rejection, slap a positive spin on it, and laugh all the way to the bank. I learned that cliches had to come from somewhere, and that my scars were my biggest strong-suit. I learned that everybody is different, and that patience is an acquired skill. I learned teamwork, how destructive a big ego is, and that helping people must always come first. I learned that learning was the most and only important part of failing. I learned that 29 no's and 1 yes is still one big yes. I learned that every day is an opportunity, and failing was a large part of success.  I learned my purpose, I grew up, and I put my failure driven pedal to the floor and went for it all.

Throughout all this failure and learning, I came full circle to the kid who wanted the ball in his hands with seconds left on the clock. I was taking risks, going for broke, and I wasn't failing anymore. Things were clicking, the pieces were fitting together, and I was back. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Hope on a tight rope.

There is no shame in ripping off the water wings and jumping in head first. You will learn how to swim before you drown, but you have to be willing to accept a little water in your lungs. What's failure? What can possibly be worse than eating dinner every night talking about how much you dread 60% of your life?

In 2016 we all look for the magic pill. After 20 excuses and reasons why life is so hard on us, we turn to some book on the shelf in hopes of it lighting a fire under our asses. We navigate to buzz feed and read '8 reasons I'm a winner' or '20 ways to succeed at work' and it pisses me off because the answers to YOUR story aren't in somebody else's god damn handbook.

I can't tell you who you are or what you're capable of. I can't force you to find your passions or start a business doing something you love. I don't have 10 quick tips to success. NOBODY DOES. Nobody can truly teach you what simply getting up and trying can. If you think your dreams are going to fall straight on your lap, or that you're going to get them by reading a book written by some asshole on a yacht, you're going to die with a lot of questions.

The answers are inside. We can only find them by trying, failing, winning, bending, and breaking. What's far more important than technicalities and specifics about your business and industry, are the character traits and lessons you develop when you reach extremes. Discovering who you are and what you want in this short life is 90% of the battle. Do you see yourself finding any answers by staying on the path you're currently on? Walk the rope with me. The choice is yours, but remember what we are. We're simply dying, and your 10 year old self is looking straight at you right now with a lot of questions.

Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.

Tick tock.

Winners Know How to Win


Visualize - Plan - Attack.

Winners know how to win.

Four years ago, I made the decision that enough was enough. I snapped a 'before' photo with nothing more than a vision of what I wanted to look like and achieve in the short-term. I had no idea how to get there, but man, I sure as hell knew what it looked like when I did. Although my current vision has drastically changed and evolved, I still have one; I always will, and encourage you to as well. Here's something you can take away from myself, and likeminded successful people who weren't born superstars:

One of the most important things to take away from my story, is going to come from what I learned many years ago from my middle-school soccer coach. In today's world, everybody and their mother knows more than you, better than you, and will always have some kind of BS technical input. The advice you'll receive (most of the time) is just another smart-ass insecure case of mid-life crisis trying to impress his wife. I'm here to tell you to think a little deeper, and to always trust yourself. Some of life's most important lessons DO NOT come from researched studies, 'intelligent' individuals, masters degrees, or industry experts.


My middle-school soccer coach told me that before I went to bed, to fall asleep visualizing a successful game the next day. He told me before a free kick, to visualize the ball gracing the back of the net. He told me to always visualize success, and with hard work, those visions would become reality. When you watch yourself succeed over and over in your own head, you develop an understanding for that success, and most importantly, start to believe that you actually can succeed.

This is a two-step process. We can use our visions to do more than create a Nike commercial with some superstar telling us that if we dream big, and wear really tight clothes, we can have anything we want in life. Here are two steps to prove that vision is more than some distant thing, and how we can use it to our advantage today:

Step One

See at first, your visions will drive productivity and hard-work. You need to visualize that end result to make it through the long nights, tough days, and never-ending stressors that seem to pile up in front of you. I talk about vision interchangeably with motivation because they compliment each-other more than you think. WHY do you work hard? WHY do you stay up all night plugging? WHY do you wake up early when you could hit snooze. Work hard, work in the right direction, and understand that your vision is why you do what you do. Use it to your advantage, paint it on the wall, and learn quickly that every day won, is a day closer to your vision; your dream.

Step Two

After you make it through a couple testers, learn something, see progress, or achieve a small victory, what happens? You start to believe in yourself. In step one, your vision drove things like hard-work, and kept your spirits up when the light was low. Now that vision is starting to turn you into a believer. The fire is burning. You've watched yourself succeed over and over. You go to bed every night, and just like coach said, you witness success in your own shoes. As more days pass, you start to connect the dots. The vision slowly becomes reality, and your success becomes not only obtainable, but practical. You want to know whats bloody dangerous? Somebody who is willing to work hard, who understands that they can do whatever the hell they want in this life; somebody who believes in their own damn abilities... somebody with vision.

Take your advice from who you desire, but remember that no technical advice will ever teach you more than the advice that drives things nobody can take away from you. No asshole telling you 'I told you so' will ever push you forward and closer to success. You can and you will. That MUST be your attitude if you want to win.

If you don't have one, I want you to think about it when you hit the pillow tonight. What does your vision look like? Seeing yourself succeed is pretty cool isn't it?

See you at the top!




As we approach November 13th, I will be exactly 4 years into my fitness journey. Four years may seem like a long time, but the truth is, that the time will pass. I remember talking with my buddy Nate, asking him if I worked out every day for a whole year, If I could look as good as this dude from our high-school. He chuckled and said probably not! I laughed too actually. It just seemed funny to us. What’s REALLY funny is that the kid that I dreamed of looking like, paid me a good amount of money to train him a few months ago. I quit shortly after taking this progress photo on the left. Thank god I got started again eh?

This isn’t some magazine cover shot. It’s not a dramatic before and after picture of me on set at -300% body fat. It's not unrealistic, and it's certainly not out of reach. This is me at similar body fat percentages, almost 4 years apart.

Ben Williamson Fitness Model

As I grow both physically and mentally, I love to reflect and look back. There’s a lot left behind BOTH of these kids eyes. Although A LOT has changed, nothing has really changed at all. I was always the kid who knew he was destined for more, but could never really connect the dots. According to everyone, I was just the stupid kid with big dreams. I made a choice that I wanted to throw my entire life away and BE MORE, so I went out and did it. Did I know exactly what that entailed at the time? Hell no. Do you need to in order to start your journey? Absolutely not.

What you do need to know, is that your dreams are much closer than you think, and that you should reach out and grab them - even if that means reaching straight into the dark. If you knew that the only thing separating yourself and your wildest dreams, were a few brutal failures, some long nights, and a lot of hard work, would you pursue them, or let them slip away?

I challenge you all to look moderation straight in the eye and demand more. Whether it's starting your own business, losing 50 lbs, gaining 80, overcoming an illness, or telling your awful boss to eat a big bag of dicks...I will ALWAYS push you to take the steps. It may not be politically correct, but let’s just go for it and see where it takes us...After all, we’re just a bunch of stupid kids with big dreams anyway...right?

"The further back you can look, the further forward you are likely to see.”
-Winston Churchill

Without being the person you were, you could never become the one you are. I'll aways encourage you to dream big, take risks, and go for broke. However, in all of the madness, sometimes taking a long look back is exactly what you need to visualize, plan, and conquer the long road ahead.