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If you’ve spent any time around the Crush community, you’ve probably heard it more than once. My first introduction to Ben when I came across one of his “LET’S DO THIS” Tumblr posts that ended with a very unironic #YOLO. It seems to have become the Crush battle cry. We rally at the call of YOLO. I’m not sure where or why it started, but we certainly do love it. We talk about eating an extra large cheeseburger with a pint of ice cream for dessert and call it a YOLO meal. We decide to try to increase our deadlift weight because YOLO, then celebrate our success with our fellow Crushers. Whatever we do, we throw in a YOLO for good measure. But is it just a funny calling card? What exactly does YOLO mean to Crush?


YOLO. You Only Live Once. In most circles, it’s used to justify doing something that’s arguably not a good idea. But when you break it down, it’s really surprising that YOLO isn’t the motto of everyone interested in health and wellness. So I’m going to challenge you to rethink what YOLO should stand for. It can be so much more than just a funny hashtag.


You only live once…
… So you should enjoy the pizza & beer at your friends watch party without any guilt.
… So it’s okay to skip the gym to hang out with your mom while she’s visiting for the week.
… So you shouldn’t waste precious hours of your days meticulously tracking, weighing and counting every bit of food you eat.
… So keep yourself hydrated & adequately fed.
… So don’t waste your life punishing yourself when you fall short of your goals.
… So make sure you are fueling yourself with nutrition that helps your body run on all cylinders every day.
… So take every opportunity to grow and become stronger.
… So let your body rest and recover when it needs down time.
… So take advantage of your workouts to improve the quality of your overall health.
… So establish habits that will keep your body and mind strong for as long as possible.




You only live once…
So lift heavy.


BUT You only live once…
So don’t lift too heavy.




You only live once…
… So don’t settle for “good enough”.
… So don’t spend it hating yourself.
… So don’t deprive yourself
… So don’t underestimate what you’re capable of.


YOLO is what you make of it. For me, it’s more than just a funny hashtag. It’s not an excuse to do whatever I want whenever I want. It’s not a whip driving me forward when I’d rather just take some down time. It’s a reminder that a healthy life is achieved when everything is in balance. Every meal is a YOLO meal. Every day is a YOLO day. It is a reminder that I want to live as long and as well as possible, so I’ll put a priority on my nutrition and my fitness. But I also want to live a full life, so I’ll sometimes choose things solely because I want to - because they make me happy.


You only live once…
So make it a good life.




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