Booty Bootcamp: Dumbbell Hell

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Crush Fit Booty Boot Camp

There’s more to building the booty than squats and glute kickbacks. There’s also more to it than just working the glutes. Don’t forget about the hamstrings as well! They’re a vital part to building strength and the shape of your posterior side.


Our workout guide, Booty Bootcamp is a gym-based, 60-day program focusing on building the glutes and hamstrings. We’ve also strategically placed upper body and cardio workouts to keep you moving in all aspects. In this program, you’ll be introduced to new exercises, alternative ways to do exercises, and our unique take on drop sets, supersets, and staggered heavy volume.


The three main goals of Booty Bootcamp are:

  1. Build & Grow the booty
  2. Develop the booty & burn overall body-fat
  3. Maintain and harden the upper body 


Most workouts from this program are done in the gym, but for Dumbbell Hell all you need is a set of dumbbells to complete this butt busting workout! Follow along with Aubrey to learn the movements and proper form of each of the exercises!


Lastly, pay close attention to the rest times, challenge yourself with weight selections, and HAVE SOME FUN!


Full Workout:



Click Here to learn more about the program and get started with Booty Bootcamp! Do it for the booty!

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