Winners Know How to Win

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Visualize - Plan - Attack.

Winners know how to win.

Four years ago, I made the decision that enough was enough. I snapped a 'before' photo with nothing more than a vision of what I wanted to look like and achieve in the short-term. I had no idea how to get there, but man, I sure as hell knew what it looked like when I did. Although my current vision has drastically changed and evolved, I still have one; I always will, and encourage you to as well. Here's something you can take away from myself, and likeminded successful people who weren't born superstars:

One of the most important things to take away from my story, is going to come from what I learned many years ago from my middle-school soccer coach. In today's world, everybody and their mother knows more than you, better than you, and will always have some kind of BS technical input. The advice you'll receive (most of the time) is just another smart-ass insecure case of mid-life crisis trying to impress his wife. I'm here to tell you to think a little deeper, and to always trust yourself. Some of life's most important lessons DO NOT come from researched studies, 'intelligent' individuals, masters degrees, or industry experts.


My middle-school soccer coach told me that before I went to bed, to fall asleep visualizing a successful game the next day. He told me before a free kick, to visualize the ball gracing the back of the net. He told me to always visualize success, and with hard work, those visions would become reality. When you watch yourself succeed over and over in your own head, you develop an understanding for that success, and most importantly, start to believe that you actually can succeed.

This is a two-step process. We can use our visions to do more than create a Nike commercial with some superstar telling us that if we dream big, and wear really tight clothes, we can have anything we want in life. Here are two steps to prove that vision is more than some distant thing, and how we can use it to our advantage today:

Step One

See at first, your visions will drive productivity and hard-work. You need to visualize that end result to make it through the long nights, tough days, and never-ending stressors that seem to pile up in front of you. I talk about vision interchangeably with motivation because they compliment each-other more than you think. WHY do you work hard? WHY do you stay up all night plugging? WHY do you wake up early when you could hit snooze. Work hard, work in the right direction, and understand that your vision is why you do what you do. Use it to your advantage, paint it on the wall, and learn quickly that every day won, is a day closer to your vision; your dream.

Step Two

After you make it through a couple testers, learn something, see progress, or achieve a small victory, what happens? You start to believe in yourself. In step one, your vision drove things like hard-work, and kept your spirits up when the light was low. Now that vision is starting to turn you into a believer. The fire is burning. You've watched yourself succeed over and over. You go to bed every night, and just like coach said, you witness success in your own shoes. As more days pass, you start to connect the dots. The vision slowly becomes reality, and your success becomes not only obtainable, but practical. You want to know whats bloody dangerous? Somebody who is willing to work hard, who understands that they can do whatever the hell they want in this life; somebody who believes in their own damn abilities... somebody with vision.

Take your advice from who you desire, but remember that no technical advice will ever teach you more than the advice that drives things nobody can take away from you. No asshole telling you 'I told you so' will ever push you forward and closer to success. You can and you will. That MUST be your attitude if you want to win.

If you don't have one, I want you to think about it when you hit the pillow tonight. What does your vision look like? Seeing yourself succeed is pretty cool isn't it?

See you at the top!

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