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As we approach November 13th, I will be exactly 4 years into my fitness journey. Four years may seem like a long time, but the truth is, that the time will pass. I remember talking with my buddy Nate, asking him if I worked out every day for a whole year, If I could look as good as this dude from our high-school. He chuckled and said probably not! I laughed too actually. It just seemed funny to us. What’s REALLY funny is that the kid that I dreamed of looking like, paid me a good amount of money to train him a few months ago. I quit shortly after taking this progress photo on the left. Thank god I got started again eh?

This isn’t some magazine cover shot. It’s not a dramatic before and after picture of me on set at -300% body fat. It's not unrealistic, and it's certainly not out of reach. This is me at similar body fat percentages, almost 4 years apart.

Ben Williamson Fitness Model

As I grow both physically and mentally, I love to reflect and look back. There’s a lot left behind BOTH of these kids eyes. Although A LOT has changed, nothing has really changed at all. I was always the kid who knew he was destined for more, but could never really connect the dots. According to everyone, I was just the stupid kid with big dreams. I made a choice that I wanted to throw my entire life away and BE MORE, so I went out and did it. Did I know exactly what that entailed at the time? Hell no. Do you need to in order to start your journey? Absolutely not.

What you do need to know, is that your dreams are much closer than you think, and that you should reach out and grab them - even if that means reaching straight into the dark. If you knew that the only thing separating yourself and your wildest dreams, were a few brutal failures, some long nights, and a lot of hard work, would you pursue them, or let them slip away?

I challenge you all to look moderation straight in the eye and demand more. Whether it's starting your own business, losing 50 lbs, gaining 80, overcoming an illness, or telling your awful boss to eat a big bag of dicks...I will ALWAYS push you to take the steps. It may not be politically correct, but let’s just go for it and see where it takes us...After all, we’re just a bunch of stupid kids with big dreams anyway...right?

"The further back you can look, the further forward you are likely to see.”
-Winston Churchill

Without being the person you were, you could never become the one you are. I'll aways encourage you to dream big, take risks, and go for broke. However, in all of the madness, sometimes taking a long look back is exactly what you need to visualize, plan, and conquer the long road ahead.


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