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When I started Crush, the goal was simple: Bring to market something that doesn't exist anywhere in the world. Creating something from the ground up, that cannot be found today, seems like an incredibly daunting task, in ANY market. I knew there was a way to do it, but I didn't have anywhere near the resources, or the funds to make it happen. Hell, I didn't even have the funds to pay for a proper website build. I actually had to figure it out, and I built the website myself. Regardless of your startup businesses financial situation, here is some advice:

Do what you can today, with what you have right now.

I know what it's like to feel like you were destined for more. I understand the frustrations associated with a startup business, and the feeling of knowing (in your heart) where you truly belong. You do it better, for cheaper, and provide better service...but nobody cares.

Do what you can today, with what you have right now.

It's almost like you're a kid again. You're grounded, and your friends are having the time of their lives in the backyard. Or maybe you're injured, watching your team lose the championship game. The anxiety is overwhelming, but you must swallow your pride, and understand that if you do belong at the top, you will get there. You can't (and wont) move forward if you're not DOING anything. Do what you can today, with what you have right now.

You must not lose sight of your initial vision. Why? Whether it's on your mind or not, it's what drives you, pushes you past your limits, and gets you out of bed in the morning. Write it down, paint it on the wall, or do what I did, and make it your phone background. Any true startup that found success, didn't birth into a fancy office building with marble floors, and didn't run with the big dogs just because they wanted to.

You belong with the big dogs? Prove it! You have to be willing to get really dirty, wipe the title off your stupid business card, go door to door, clean the toilets, and do whatever the hell it takes to advance. How do you introduce yourself? You run a one man band. You aren't a CEO.

You are better than nobody. You are entitled to nothing. The only thing you're GIVEN in this world, is one big beautiful thing called opportunity. What are you going to do with it?

9/1/2014 - when I was still running my marketing company full time.

  • Global Recognition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Videos and photo embedded Ebooks
  • Fitness Centers
  • Mainstream Competition
  • Major Retail
  • Stay true to morals
  • Actually help people


Today, I have Crush customers in 63 countries. We are a couple short months away from launching our major sports nutrition line, I own a fitness center in Milwaukee, have another on the way, have stayed true to my morals, and have created a world-wide movement.

We've signed Aubrey Nolan, launched www.aubernutter.com, and will sign 2-3 more key spokesmodels within the next few months. We are traveling the world, meeting customers, fans, and running workshops to promote fitness, mental health, and wellness. 

I have 10+ new employees, and two moving across the country to work for Crush. We've helped hundreds of thousands of people, inspired millions, and are weeks away from re-launching the entire brand. The new programs will include video and photo demonstrations that will require no internet access! Two brand new training programs are on the way, along with cookbooks and support materials. We are raising some major mainstream eyebrows, and we haven't even scratched the surface of my dreams.

I knew there is more to my story. In fact, I'm certain that I'm nowhere near where I was destined to be. Earlier in my blog, I told you that passion is my purpose. I live for the unknown that you describe as opportunity. When the purpose of your entire life is to always go for broke, you lead an interesting life. Im fortunate to be surrounded by people who support that crazy purpose.

When this is all said and done, Crush will be known as the kids who wanted to change how things were done, so they went out and did it. They lived in the now, they did what they could with what they had, and never took anything for granted. They were never too good for anybody, and most importantly, they stayed true to the vision that was scribbled on a notepad by a kid who just wanted to be more.

As an entrepreneur, your biggest competitor is always going to be yourself. Tomorrow isn't promised, and your business is going to be more needy than a newborn puppy. Dream big, but more importantly: YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD.


You need to own your vision. When it's 3AM and you're at the gym (for the third day in a row) filming for a new important client, the only thing you're going to have left is that vision. It's going to drive you when you can't drive yourself, and subconsciously control your major business decisions. People can see right through you. Do you believe in what you're doing? If not, throw it out and start over. You're never going to succeed.

My recipe for success really only takes a few simple words:

"Every single day is nothing more than an opportunity. Act accordingly."

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