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 Back on January 10th, 2013, I told twitter the following:


I was so proud of myself. I had found my purpose! I was running a fitness apparel company, training for a bodybuilding competition, and personally training clients online. For years, I had struggled to find out why I was put on this rotating sphere of death. I felt alive. I felt fresh. Nothing could stop me!

2013 did end up being a 'big' year. My apparel business failed, I landed some major fitness modeling work, my first international cover, and picked up an alright job selling printing at a small company here in Wisconsin. I had a corporate account in mind that I wanted to pursue. The owners laughed at me and told me not to waste my time. I shortly after got fired from that job after landing said biggest corporate account possible. That was the first time in my entire life that I was fired from something! Ouch.

When 2014 started, I was starting to question my original purpose statement. Fitness was going alright, but I wasn't humming anymore. I didn't get out of bed with a smile, and I sure as hell didn't love what I did every day. What changed? I'll leave that open to interpretation. I knew that I needed to make a major change in my life, so the day after I was fired from my previous job, I started RedCap, my very own full spectrum marketing and print production company.  Again, I was told that the market was too saturated, that I needed more money, and that nobody would work with me.

Ben Williamson RedCap Marketing Fitness Model

Struggle. I started RedCap with nothing. Creditors didn't want to lend me money to run jobs, vendors didn't want to give me terms, and customers didn't necessarily trust a 23 year old kid. With a small sales team, we made it work, but every single day was exactly that: a struggle. By the end of the year, we merged to provide business brokerage solutions, and flash brands was born. Adding to the arsenal, suddenly we become a true, full-spectrum business development solution. 


Flash took things to the next level. We could take any existing company, rebrand it, make it profitable, make it marketable, and provide a real exit or development strategy. Taking knowledge from our other long-term entity: Spinball Display, a product development, consulting, and distribution branch was born.



During this time period, I was picked up by major lifestyle and fitness modeling agency: SLU, continued onward with fitness, and did some more spokes modeling work. Looking back on the year, I wasn't satisfied. I actually made zero dollars in 2014, and turned a tiny profit with RedCap in just the first year. I was proud, but still wasn't sleeping at night. Regardless of the neighborhood hippy telling you that money isn't everything: Money is the only form of currency that true freedom accepts. 

With things going well at RedCap, it was time to elevate. Crush had been in the making for a long time, I just never really knew it. I put my personal training journal to the pavement and created an ebook training series. Now, if you know me, you know that I don't just do things. I made a brand with the big long term dream, that crush would need to hold the appearance of a upscale suburban gym. I didn't know how, but I knew that I wanted to, and eventually would own a gym someday.

Crush did alright. In fact, you can find people in 41 countries and counting 'crushing' it, and its only been live for 5 months. Crush is more than a training series, it's a movement. The support group, the website, the family element. It's all there. It works because the person behind crush found his passion again, and put it on a collision course with his purpose.

I can proudly say that the first Crush Fitness Center is on its way. With plans to franchise the brand, I have an aggressive goal for 20 locations in the first five years, which will include five flagship corporate locations. I have also teamed up with my buddy Ryan, to start a sports nutrition supplement company. We can't wait to share more with you on this.

With an extremely full plate, and more stress, uncertainty, and pressure than ever before, something hit me. It was a simple email from the mother of a rather successful family. She just told me that she was proud of me. She told me that I reminded her of her son, and that I was always dreaming bigger instead of celebrating, when things went my way. In 2013, when I told twitter that I had found my purpose, I was wrong. Fitness is simply a passion, and one that I will never lose. I spent so much time chasing some inflated fitness dream, instead of taking a quick look around, and realizing that I was living out my biggest purpose every. single. day.

Purpose comes from within your blood. Good, bad, or otherwise, I don't think you can outrun it. Since I was a little kid, I was always making people laugh by telling them what I was going to achieve. Whether it was a professional athlete, some big Calvin Klein underwear model (DO NOT count me out on this one yet), or business mogul billionaire, everybody always seemed to laugh at me. The world is full of limit minded people, and you should always pay close attention to those who don't clap when you win.

My purpose on planet earth, is to be limitless. Accept the biggest challenge, Crush it, and aim higher. To reach high, get a grip, and go for broke. Whether its fitness, business, or some crazy venture, my purpose is the seemingly impossible process. When your purpose is merely a state of mind, nobody can take it away from you.

Not even the ones who laugh. 

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Created on Posted by maria Comment Link

Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see all that you accomplish.

Created on Posted by Rob Mason Comment Link

I was surfing and thought i’d check out your latest articles.
What i found was exactly what i needed. I’ve been de-motivated, lethargic and just…..going through the motions. I read this article and sat back for a while thinking. Not the normal thinking, whats for dinner tonight, how am i gonna pay that bill, how does my son eat so much meat………….
I wont say ive wasted the last 36 years of my life because i have 3 beautiful children and heaps of chaotic memories but as far as my fitness goes, i havent pushed myself as hard as maybe i should have. I became complacent, a shadow of the person that i should have been.
Needless to say you have provided a profound “boot” to my ass.
Thanks heaps

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