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Recently, I had the privilege of appearing on the cover and in the centerfold of Yolo Magazine! This was a huge milestone for me, because it was my first centerfold. Shot by Scott Detweiler here in Wisconsin, the theme of this shoot was a more fashion-heavy approach to fitness. This double cover featured myself alongside RedFoo from the famous "LMFAO"


For this shoot, preparation was a little different for me, and I loved the challenge. Because this magazine has a direct mainstream audience, the look is much much softer than I'm used to. It's always a battle softening up your physique that you work so hard to maintain. I'm happy with the look, and look forward to breaking into more mainstream fitness and fashion opportunities in the future. 




I want to thank everybody at YOLO magazine, my family, and close friends for their support while I chase my dreams. When I sat down three years ago and decided that I wanted to do this, I was laughed at. With your support, guidance, and encouragement, I'm living out the dream that few thought was even possible. If you know me, you know that this is only one of many to come, and I pledge to keep working extremely hard.

Tags: ben

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