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7 Ways To Stay Healthy on the Road

Summertime is here, and that means road trips, travel time, and a plethora of holidays. Staying healthy on the road is one of the hardest things, and whether you are traveling for work or play, it is essential to infuse healthy eating and fun types of exercise into your travel routine.

Try one or more of these 7 suggestions to help stay healthy while traveling for work, adventure, or fun.

  1. Food prep your way to success. Packing healthy snacks for the airport or long car ride is the perfect way to prep your way into a healthy adventure. I typically pack bags of veggies like celery, carrots, and peppers to snack on for those moments of pure boredom. My dirty pleasure would definitely have to be flavored popcorn (dill pickle popcorn from Trader Joes) to be exact. I always have LARA bars, or nuts in my bag as well for the times I get super 'hangry.'
  2. Try the every other day rule (engaging in some type of exercise every other day) For longer trips, or for those of you who travel non-stop for work, this is a great goal to set so you don't completely get out of the workout/yoga routine. This flexibility allows you to be lazy the day after that 30-hour bus ride, or day full of meetings, but holds you accountable to get up and be active the next day! I love switching it up because I always get bored. Try yoga one day, a Youtube video the next, and head off on a half-day bike ride or walk around the city after that. The exciting part is your scenery is forever changing, so there is no time to be bored.
  3. Get outside and see where your mat takes you. For me, being in new surroundings means a whole new jungle gym to adventure in, and this includes sweating it out outside. I love posting up in a park, amidst the city skyline, or in a random neighborhood. All you need is your mat, some good jams, and your breath. 
  4. Bye bye beers. Limiting alcohol consumption is the easiest way to cut those empty calories, and feel truly better about your body inside and out. At home, I rarely drink on the weekdays, but during long-term travel I find myself craving a cold beer (or five) at the end of a long day. One beer won't going to kill you, but one every day adds up (that’s an extra 800 calories /week, the caloric output of 1.5 hours of a sweaty, challenging vinyasa class). Try opting for water or iced tea before or after you practice, it will make your early morning wake up call much easier.
  5. Explore YouTube yoga videos. It is really hard to find good Yoga videos online for free. I really enjoy the Yoga with Tim Youtube channel. Tim Senesi is a likeable teacher who provides in-depth, foundational flows that focus on different body parts and/or sequencing styles. If you're feeling adventurous, try a BUTI YOGA video. BUTI Yoga is an unconventional, sweaty, dance-infused style to get your heart-pumping and 'booty' moving. Travis Eliot is also a great resource for cross-functional yoga videos. Every yoga teacher brings a unique approach to the practice, and there really is a video for any mood, level of intensity, or focus you're looking for.
  6. Rise with the sun. Getting up early while traveling allows you to pack the utmost adventure, work, and LIFE into your day. Even if you're not an early riser, I dare you to get out of bed with the sun. Get out and go for a walk, see how the city wakes up, watch it come alive before your eyes. There is nothing like waking up before the rest of the world!
  7. Balance, balance, balance. If you accidentally have beer and pancakes for dinner one night, rent a paddle board or make a goal to walk for a couple hours the next day. Balance is so crucial to sustaining health, and it’s important to realize that you are going to have days where you eat all the wrong things. Food is part of the experience when we travel; it is such an essential part to culture, but yoga can help counteract the crap, put your mind at ease, and re-establish the reality that it's all going to be pretty damn incredible. 

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