Picking A Gym: What to Keep In Mind

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The day has finally come: after pondering the idea for months between runs outside and workouts in your living room, you’ve decided to finally make the move and join a gym! You’re excited, you’re pumped, and you can hardly wait to walk through those shiny, glass doors.

But, wait…

What gym should you even join?

As it goes with many things in life, there is no one size fits all gym.

And just like you might adore leg day, but hate training back, you may love one gym and hate another. So, before you jump into things and purchase a membership, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Location. Even if you absolutely love a particular gym, if it’s too far away, it may not be worth it. Bad weather, lack of motivation, short timing…all of these factors may get in the way of your workout routine. To get the best bang for your buck, try to find a location that’s relatively close to you that you know you’ll be able to access on a daily basis.
  2. Equipment. Take a tour! Any gym manager will be eager to show you around the space. Try out the equipment, see what they have to offer, and double check that everything works for you and your regime.
  3. Environment. This one is key. It’s likely that you’re going to be spending a decent amount of time in this space, so getting a feel for the ambiance is crucial. Look around at the type of people working out there, sense your comfort level, and ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have. You want to feel good at the gym, so you’re going to want to be at peace with the environment you’re in.
  4. Cost. Gym memberships can be pricy. So, before going to visit one, check out the gym’s website and look at the member packages to make sure joining will work well for you and that the timing feels right!
And with these 4 thoughts in mind, visit as many gyms as your heart desires! You’ll know the right one when you see it!

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