Why You Should Have Your Cake & Yoga Too

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Hi Crush FAM! My name is Phoebe Nygren and I am joining the team as the resident wanderlust yogi, handstand fanatic, and of course dark chocolate lover. I've touched my hands in 38 countries and look forward to bringing you along on the journey to balance in every aspect of life. Passion oozes into everything I do – whether it's meditating with monks in Laos, biking to beer gardens around Austin Texas, or teaching yoga on a secret beach in Thailand, I love making people smile. 


I can't wait to dive into the passion and purpose that drives every one of you, and hopefully together we can start to fuse a little bit more balance and smile into the Crush community. This balance is tough to come by – we live in a sweet N' low world filled with half N' half, Yin and Yang, everything existing in contrast. The sweetest times in life, the peak pose, the blissful feeling of breaking a personal goal must exist alongside struggle. We never get anywhere special without the struggle. Having your cake and yoga too means striving for that balance, and realizing that you can 'crush' your workout one day, eat cake the next, and finish in savasana. We are imperfect beings striving to make sense of the madness. It's okay to eat your cake and yoga too...Here's why! 


Life's too short, eat the damn cake. This can be literal (ice cream cake if you ask me) or figurative. I mean really taste life. Enjoy it. Linger in the joyous moments and observe those of darkness. We rarely have the ability to sit with our thoughts, living life like a SnapChat played on fast forward gets exhausting. It's always onto the next one – scrolling through life like an Instagram feed allows us to see the beautiful surface, but rarely dives into the layers. 


Yoga cuts into the layers, it reveals the frosting on the inside. Yoga can be an intimidating word/world for most of us. I was an athlete my entire life, a balls-to-the-wall, leave nothing behind person. I lived life a million miles an hour, and never thought of slowing down for yoga. I was (and still am) a gym rat, but yoga is different. Before I took my first hot yoga class I was so intimidated I almost didn't show up. But after my very first class, after getting over the fact that I felt silly breathing so that my neighbors could hear me, or closing my eyes in a room full of people, I began to open up to the beauty of yoga. 


Learning to love yo-self. As cheesy as it sounds, yoga opens us up to the gift we all have inside us, the gift of breathe and movement, sweat and emotion, and ultimately self-love. I have realized over the years that it's not so much about the pose - yes handstands are freaking amazing, and I love to do them all over the world. But, the pose is not the point. The point is how the practice makes you feel, how it has the ability to turn you inside and out and upside down to put you back together again. 


I promise yoga is for you, it's for everyone. Yoga has a million meanings and you get to choose what it means to you. The definition is ever-changing and everyday, every flow, every class will teach you something a little different about yourself. Some days may teach you to sit within the stillness, you may realize that a teacher telling you to sink 2 inches deeper infuriates you. Let it marinate, observe it all and then simply let it go. Breathe, scream, laugh, cry, invite every emotion in and then let every emotion go. 


To me, yoga is the purest form of unfiltered freedom. It's raw and weird, and the practice allows me to breathe into the space of what it means to be human, to be alive. I know that sounds corny, but it's true. The best part is, it doesn't have to be serious; I laugh, make faces at my friends, and some days roll around on the floor. Guess what, that is yoga too. So have fun with it, and try and enjoy the crazy roller coaster ride. Remember, you can always have your cake and yoga too! 


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