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Do you have trouble falling asleep? I know my mind races before bed, especially when I have a million things that didn't get checked off my to-do list. I love doing a few yoga poses before bed to calm my mind and let everything begin to slow down and open up before crawling into my comfy sheets. Try giving yourself 10 minutes to unwind and unravel before bed by trying out these five poses.


You'll learn to tune into your breath and body to be in a better position to actually enjoy a relaxed slumber!


Standing forward fold (Padangustasana)


Standing forward fold will allow you to pour out all the stress of your day straight from your skull.

  • Begin with your feet hip-width apart and fold forward with straight back over the hips, bending the knees as necessary to use your two peace fingers to grab between the big and second toes
  • Shift your weight forward onto the toes, straighten the legs as much as possible

Hold here for 10 full breaths


Wide-legged forward fold (Prasarita Paddotanasana)


Open up your hamstrings and lower back with this juicy forward fold.

  • From here, widen your stance so your feet are wider than shoulder distance apart
  • Clasp your hands together at the base of your spine behind you, pressing the palms to touch
  • Gently start to bend forward from the hips allowing the crown of your head to float towards the floor

Hold here for 10 full breaths


Low lunge (Anjaneyasana)Crush-Fitness-Bedtime-Yoga

Hello hip flexors – this will allow you to open up through those extra tight hips.

  • Step right foot in between your hands as you lower onto your back knee
  • Press your body upright by leveraging your hands on top of your knee
  • Plant right hand on top of right thigh and extend the left hand up towards the ceiling getting a deeper stretch through your left hip flexor
  • Repeat on left side

Hold her for 10 full breaths *challenge to shift the gaze up towards the ceiling


Butterfly (Baddha Konasana)Crush-Fitness-Bedtime-Yoga

Open your feet and hips like a book with butterfly!

  • Sit on the floor and let your knees splay out wide as you bring the pinky toes and feet to touch like butterfly
  • Begin to open the feet like a book as you exhale to forward fold opening space through your hips
  • If you want more of a shoulder stretch, extend your arms in front of you

Hold here for 10 full breaths




This will get your heart-pumping while opening your heart and hips at the same time.

  • Lie flat on your back with your arms extended along your body, palms planting into the earth
  • Bend your knees and begin to scoot your heels as close to your bum as possible keeping the feet hip-width distance apart
  • Begin to press into your palms as you lift your hips towards the ceiling
  • If you want more of a shoulder opener, clasp your hands together underneath your pelvis and begin to walk the shoulder blades closer to the midline

Hold here for 5-15 full breaths


Legs up the wall


This pose is one of the most grounding and relaxing poses. It truly is as simple as it sounds, and has many benefits like alleviating low back pain, relieving any swollen ankles/feet issues, and regulating blood circulation.

  • Wiggle your legs up the length of the wall, meeting the base of the wall with your bum
  • Let the bottoms of your feet face the ceiling and hang out here for 2-3 minutes
  • You can even put a pillow under your lower back/bum to open up the shoulders, release any lower back tension, and give those tight hamstrings an inviting stretch


Corpse Pose (Savanasa)Crush-Fitness-Bedtime-Yoga

Before climbing into your sheets for a full-body blissful night of sleep, chill out in corpse post for 5 minutes.

  • Lie on your back and close your eyes, let your toes splay out towards the edges of your mat or room, and allow your shoulders to melt down and away from your ears
  • Lay here for as long as you'd like, or for as long as your bedtime routine allows


Try squeezing this short yoga routine in before bed – your hips, head, and heart will thank you in the morning, I promise.
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